Engage your customers with relevant, timely easy to read messages.

Customer experience management

How can you get the right, personalized message to your customers to create engaging experiences? Meet Flowize.

With Flowize you can experiment to automatically send the right message to the right person at the right time using the appropriate medium. Connect client databases easily and design communication workflows as a sequence of automated actions. Ensuring that the end customer receives the right message and responds interactively.

Combine your insights with other information and data sources, and create extraordinary experiences that beat customer expectations.

The results of Flowize:

  • time-saving and increased productivity through intelligent and advanced automated communications
  • improved communication and customer satisfaction
  • repeat purchases because of a more comfortable buying experience
  • cost reduction through enhanced lifespans of legacy and homegrown CRM-systems

Customer experience: beat expectations

Customer experience management is the process of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed expectations for greater satisfaction and loyalty. With Flowize, you can enhance customer journeys and intelligently create individual experiences based on big data. You can integrate your CRM, track customer interactions, find preferences and combine these with new data and information sources.

Next optimize design, management, and delivery of physical, digital, and online communications, such as invoices, letters, web forms, customer support platforms, and ads to deliver personalized experiences.

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With Flowize you can:

  • integrate all your CRM and sources of customer information
  • automate management and delivery of content to the web, mobile devices or any other channel
  • connect customers with the information they need and expect
  • anticipate and pro-actively act on future circumstances

Flawless communication with Flowize


Use big data and information from external resources to understand your customers and create communication profiles. Flowize seamlessly integrates all your current CRM-systems, legacy systems, in-house solutions, and databases. Therefore you can keep your trusted processes and operations going. Be in control and keep your data where you prefer.


Because Flowize knows your customers’ preferred channels and the best moment to send messages, you can design workflows that engage to take action. Automate your replies and open other channels to determine your customer’s needs. Automation drives engagement and improves client relations improvements.

Exceed customer expectations

With Flowize you can interact with your clients the way they want. Create individual experiences and enhance the customer journey intelligently. Optimize the design, management, and automated delivery of physical, digital, and online communications, including secure email, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, web portals, IVR (automated phone calls) and/or by post (print and bulk mail).

Floor Stam-Lammers
Vice President Marketing at Onguard

“It’s human beings you’re dealing with. And companies are starting to realize just how important a satisfied customer is.”

Achieving the next level in customer experience is more accessible than ever before. Read all about new possibilities offered by real-time data processing, automated workflows, and omnichannel communication.

Customer experience is the big differentiator for businesses of any size. Every business can now exceed the conventional batch oriented customer communication by enabling a personalized experience for every customer. Missed the latest developments? This paper will bring you up to speed.

Why choose Flowize?

  • Seamlessly integrate all your systems and databases: external and internal, homegrown and legacy
  • Business is in control: quickly design automated workflows without coding or IT department
  • Keep your trusted systems and processes and stay in full control over your data
  • Be in control of your messaging: don’t just deliver messages but create targeted and useful interactions
  • Optimize design, management, and automated delivery of physical, digital, and online communications

Success stories

“With Flowize we get the best of both worlds. It optimizes our platform and offers connections with partners that our customers can benefit from.”

“Flowize did not only helps us to stick to our promise, but it also makes it possible to do that with less effort.”

Powerful features

Extremely flexible and robust: connects to every CRM and database

Automated personalized and engaging messaging

Design visual workflows for a unique customer experience

Exceed customer expectations by anticipating future events

Fast implementation: shorten time to market for new processes

Save time and increase productivity without your IT department

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