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  • Build and host webapps and portals
  • Create SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Data conversions, formatting and encryption
  • DTAP method

Eliminate complex
development cycles

In the space between business and IT, Flowize eliminates the need for complex development cycles in response to changing business workflows. Because Flowize is low code, it integrates with any data format or reporting system without coding or programming. This significantly reduces downtime and time to market.

An invaluable

Developers and software companies have described Flowize as an invaluable solution. While developing an application, often there is a requirement to obtain data from multiple external systems and wait for the results. This increases development time and reduces productivity. Flowize offers developers the opportunity to incorporate these actions into the workflow and resolve interactions with external systems with a single query to a single platform.

ready to go

Why build your own workflow if you can find it right here? Our marketplace offers ready-made app connections, APIs and workflows among our many standard solutions. Ready to go and easy to implement. Reduce your time-to-market and instantly start your flow.



ilionx is an innovative IT consultancy that helps leading organizations solve complex challenges related to digitalization. See how Flowize helps them reduce development hours and speed up time-to-market.


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