XA is a diversified solution provider that helps people, organizations, hardware, and software work together optimally. The company began life in the early 1990s as a provider of printing hardware and other document management related solutions.


XA’s business proposition has evolved in recent years toward a more flexible, future-proof consultancy model. Today, the company specializes in providing customized solutions to help organizations meet the opportunities and challenges associated with digital transformation. Its consultants help clients to optimize their ERP, CRM, or DMS systems, harness the possibilities of Big Data, improve connectivity with SQL database sources, and much more.

The challenge

The recruitment sector is a key revenue source for XA. As the global war for talent hots up, technology is playing a key role in improving recruiting and hiring processes, driving demand for specialty recruitment software and automation.


XA works with recruitment agencies to create smoother, digitized application processes. In the past, the candidate journey was often split between different software packages and applications, preventing efficient communication with the candidate. Nowadays, everything is expected to be integrated.


But because recruitment is ultimately about people, automated processes must allow room for human intervention. For example a talented job applicant fails to show up for their interview – their candidate journey should continue seamlessly without the need to start a new flow.

The approach

The hunt began for an all-in-one platform that would make it quick and simple to build smart, integrated flows to meet the needs of its growing client base. The chosen tool needed to combine automation with a human touch. And it needed to be low code – to enable XA’s business and implementation consultants to work side by side on projects.


Although recruitment was XA’s initial focus, it wanted a flexible, independent tool, to be able to adapt the flows and solutions it created for other clients, such as government agencies and education service providers.

“From applying for a job to becoming an employee, all the different software solutions that you use in that process are connected in one clear and efficient flow. The possibilities are endless. The strength of Flowize lies in its simplicity. It’s user-friendly and offers a great return on investment. Especially if you know what you can do with it.”

Sayed Nasibdar
Sales Manager at XA

The result

Thanks to Flowize, XA is now able to easily create tailor-made, integrated flows for its customers. Significantly, the flows it builds provides opportunity for intricate human interventions and complex redirections – essential in enabling a smooth candidate journey and an efficient, automated application process.


The Flowize platform integrated seamlessly with the XA’s existing software and applications, resulting in minimal set-up time. Flowize experts were also on hand to guide XA users through the onboarding process – so that they could start using the solution instantly.


With Flowize, XA is flipping the script for its growing and diverse client base. By offering customers automated, integrated solutions with a human touch, this boutique consultancy is becoming a go-to provider for recruiters, educators, government agencies, and beyond!


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