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  • Any conceivable protocol
  • Use pre-built marketplace connections
  • Create your own connections
  • JSON, XML, RAW, SQL, CSV, YAML, GraphQL, Multi Record

True digital

Flowize is designed around the concept of the total experience: It allows you to connect all your internal data and workflows while also linking seamlessly with external systems. Our solution automatically takes data from a website, SQL database, or even a mainframe database, to create standardized APIs that interrogate any data source automatically and securely in real time, before connecting it to any external system.

Connect any
conceivable system

Welcome to the age of true digital integration – a time where the user, employee, and customer experiences interconnect to create a single, consistent ‘multiexperience’.

Connections can be created between underlying systems and external customers to enable businesses to manage their online relationships directly.



ilionx is an innovative IT consultancy that helps leading organizations solve complex challenges related to digitalization. See how Flowize helps them reduce development hours and speed up time-to-market.


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