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Unlimited possibilities
with all-in-one

Workflows and processes nowadays go beyond traditional frameworks. To fully use the potential of your data
you want to connect a variety of processes.
Whether it’s automation, integration, communication or
development: Flowize
enables you to easily build flows combining every advanced feature you need. With
our independent, all-in-one platform possibilities are unlimited.


Any integration is possible: Flowize’s interoperability connects your legacy systems and your new systems, data from partners; and any other available (big) data source.


Automation makes cumbersome and time-consuming operations easy. Save time and improve productivity. With automation, you’re in control of your processes.


Your customers want to be in control when and how you communicate with them. Create engaging experiences by sending precisely targeted and personalized content.


Flowize makes it easy for your teams to design and implement flows. Work in multiple projects, manage versioning, and clone projects.

Dynamic flows
with human

Digital flows become more extensive every day. IoT, human intervention, complex redirections. Because your flows require a high degree of dynamics to be truly effective, Flowize enables you to easily incorporate the actions, reactions, landingpages and thoughtful steps your flows need – even when online and offline meet, and with the ability to deal with human intervention.

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Flowize will help you optimize your flows to unlock the full potential of your business. For a personal introduction to our platform, please request a demo.

Fast time to
market with low

Our easy-to-use, low code platform enables you to develop and visualize your complete processes quickly. Building a new feature, or restructuring existing features? No more long-term development projects, but pragmatic and effective actions. Flowize provides all the tools to realize a fast time to market.

Safe data
storage with
secure hosting

The more data you control, the more insights you gain. Flowize lets you store and combine customer preferences-data, history/archive, additional customer data, etc, from multiple data sources, channels and databases

Flowize provides secure Private Cloud Hosting on a location of your choosing and release management according to the accepted DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) approach.



ilionx is an innovative IT consultancy that helps leading organizations solve complex challenges related to digitalization. See how Flowize helps them reduce development hours and speed up time-to-market.