ilionx is an innovative IT consultancy that helps organizations solve complex challenges related to their digital transformation programs. The company works with multiple industries to solve problems ranging from application development to business innovations and to security and the cloud. Its customers include international hotel chains and banking groups. Headquartered in Utrecht, the company employs nearly 1,000 business analysts and other employees throughout the Netherlands.

The challenge

Ilionx’s consulants faced a recurring challenge: The need to create bespoke, one-time-only solutions for its largest customers. Because clients worked with their own proprietary systems and software, every project presented specific complexities that required a brand-new approach.


This created a productivity issue. Each new project brought new complexities and requirements that demanded significant developer attention. The increased scarcity of developer and IT talent was a major bottleneck for ilionx that was limiting growth.


What’s more, because each solution was designed specifically for each customer, there was little resale value to the work being done by the company’s developers. Each new project meant starting the process from scratch – at significant time and expense.

The approach

The company needed a better way of working. Top of its shopping list was a low-code solution that was quick to implement and whicht its business analysts could use easily without extensive IT support. The solution also needed to be independent and therefore compatible with the different systems and technologies used by its customers.

As well as unlocking a more efficient and cost-effective process, the desired approach would help the ilionx team to speed up product development and achieve a faster time to market. With a shorter project cycle, ilionx would be able to capture new commercial opportunities and grow its business.

“Flowize is a super-smart solution that answers all our business needs, offering us convenience and endless possibilities. It takes care of the basic challenges we face, giving our business analysts scope to be creative and to find innovative solutions for our customers’ problems. I’ve seen a lot of platforms, but none that are this simple.”


Menno Geertsma,
Senior Business Development Manager at ilionx

The result

ilionx turned to Flowize on the advice of a trusted business partner. The platform offers an extensive selection of standard flows that ilionx can quickly adapt to its customers’ needs, as part of a ‘plug and play’ approach. This reduces the run-up on news project, significantly reducing complexity and the amount of development time in each case.

Most important, Flowize’s low-code functionality acts as a major accelerator: Business analysts can take charge of the process without the help of specialty IT talent, or they can request developer support from Flowize for more complex tasks.

What’s more, because Flowize is independent, it can be integrated with almost every conceivable technology or tool. This allows ilionx to navigate its customers’ different systems software programs without restriction.


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