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  • Drag-and-Drop process creation
  • Detailed monitoring and error handling
  • Instant processing and response
  • Action based starts and restarts
  • Manual flow interferance


Flowize allows you to easily automate interventions within your workflows. By automatically combining real-time data processing, instant communication, and by connecting to the Internet of Things, Flowize enhances the customer journey and provides customers with a personalized and unique experience.

Low code

The low coding approach in Flowize enables your business to test new processes, and check results, thereby significantly reducing time to market. It enables the company to optimize the design, management and delivery of physical, digital and online communications, such as invoices, letters, web forms and advertisements, across all modern communication channels.

ready to go

Why build your own workflow if you can find it right here? Our marketplace offers ready-made app connections, APIs and workflows among our many standard solutions – ready to go and easy to implement. Reduce your time-to-market and instantly start your flow.



ilionx is an innovative IT consultancy that helps leading organizations solve complex challenges related to digitalization. See how Flowize helps them reduce development hours and speed up time-to-market.


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