A market leader in order-to-cash solutions, Onguard provides an integrated platform of intelligent software solutions, from risk management and credit management to collections and bailiff. With over 25 years of experience, the company helps its customers gain better insight and control over their payment processes and cash flow.


A key part of the Onguard mission is to help organizations deliver faster payments and an optimal customer experience resulting in steady working capital with their efficient order-to-cash software solutions. This personal touch helps Onguard clients maintain long-term, stable relationships with their end customers.

The challenge



In order-to-cash, a first-class customer experience is critical. How companies treat their customers across the entire process can determine if they stay or go elsewhere. To meet the requirements of its clients and end-customers, Onguard requires the support of external software partners. Having to build specific APIs for every new partner was holding the company back from building new client relationships. It also diverted attention from Onguard’s core mission.


As a software development company, Onguard had to decide whether to develop the missing parts of its service offering in house or let another company provide the complementary software components. Onguard decided on the second approach and began the search for a platform that offered best-of-breed generic API capabilities.

The approach

That’s when Flowize came into view. The platform provided the unique functionality to complement the company’s core service offering. This would allow Onguard’s consultants to focus on what they do best rather than being sidetracked by peripheral issues.


As well as the platform’s low-code functionality and generic API capabilities, Flowize’s ability to analyze big data was another key selling point. Understanding the behavior and communication preferences of each customer held the key to removing potential barriers for faster payments, driving satisfaction for Onguard’s customers. Making it easier for the end customer to pay would be a compelling proposition for new prospects.

“Now when customers describe their problem, I immediately start to think how I can use workflows to solve their issue. With Flowize, the sky is the limit, without even having to modify our application. Maximum flexibility at minimum effort is the power you get with Flowize.”


Luc Geniar
Team Lead Development at Onguard

The result

Flowize’s first integration with Onguard’s order-to-cash platform went quickly and smoothly. These payment links, combined with Flowize’s communications options, make it easier for the end customer to pay. This created a compelling proposition.


Flowize not only removes potential barriers for faster payment and higher satisfaction for Onguard’s customers – the flexibility in communication and channel choice also means that we approach the end customer the way that suits them best. And it’s helping Onguard to grow sustainable business relationships.


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