Help! I’m receiving various data formats from my clients

Data is the most important aspect of any business in today’s modern world. Irrespective of what you do, you would always be dealing with large volumes of data regularly. This could include collecting data from various sources and platforms, processing it, and deriving insights to report back to the client. But there are some challenges associated with dealing with so much data. Let us find out what they are and how to deal with them. 


Challenges while getting data from customers

One of the biggest challenges of receiving data from different people or sources is their formats. But that is only one of the many challenges. Here are some of the things that companies struggle with when required to collect and collate data from different sources.

  • Different formats – More often than not, your users or clients will not send you all their data in one particular format alone. And when you have to generate a report of the data, this would mean combining information from Excel, CSV, JSON, XML and so many others.
  • Different sources – It is not unlikely that you receive data from many different sources. Be it API data, Web Service data, FTP, E-mail or database content, you would have to collate it across the sources.
  • Manual data mapping – When raw data is collected from different sources, it takes a lot of effort to manually map it, convert the data in the required formats, and process it.
  • Reports to the client – With so many discrepancies, generating a report and sending it to the relevant individuals is quite a task. This requires data collection and standardization across platforms and formats. 
  • Time-consuming – The whole process is time-consuming since you have to put in a lot of manual effort. In effect, it takes a long time to develop and automate the same report.

All of these problems together delay the whole process. Data integration in these situations is quite a challenge for businesses. This means that you take a lot more time building the same report, which is not desirable. A lot of effort goes in for the reporting process unnecessarily.

Is there a better way to do this? Let us find out. 


What to do?

If you do everything manually when a customer sends data, or let a developer code everytime you onboard a new customer, it is a time consuming process and difficult to maintain. Therefore, having a tool that takes care of all your data integration requirements is indeed quite a blessing. This is undoubtedly the best thing for dealing with huge amounts of data across different platforms and sources.

You need a system that integrates with any data format or method without programming or coding. A system that automates the data handling, includes creating new filters, conditions or change values in data so that the customer’s data is correctly imported in your own system.

The idea is simple. You can connect all your data formats and sources together, automate data processing methods, import it to your own systems, and create customized experiences based on your customers requirements. With the help of just a drag and drop workflow, you can use Flowize to collect data, map data, process it and report it back to the clients. And with automated error handling, the tool informs you every time there is something going amiss. A great way to automate your data.


How can we help?

  1. Data integrations
    Flowize’s interoperability helps connect data from different sources to be collated into one. Be it integrating your legacy system and your new system or gathering data from partners and databases; you can do it all with the help of this one tool. SQL servers, ODBC databases, emails, web services are some of the sources from which data is collected. In effect, it gives you full control of your information online.
  1. Automation
    In the fast-moving world that we live in, automation is gradually becoming a mandatory concept. This is aggravated by the fact that manual processes tend to be more time consuming, and heavy on the pockets, and are accompanied by risks of human error. Flowize helps you automate data handling processes, catering to real-time data processing, scheduled processes, action-based events, and the likes.
  1. Content
    Content is key, and undoubtedly one of the strongest forces in the virtual world. While there are several different platforms to express yourself and deliver content, what you write, and how you present it becomes important. Your clients will be most attracted to customized content. And Flowize understands this well. This could include personalized email designs, social media content, interesting chat bots, and other customized data.
  1. Data capture
    Data is available in abundance on the internet. How you capture it, store it, analyze it, and derive insights out of it make all the difference. Flowize databases provide you with a comfortable portal to save all your information. You can engage in big data storage here or store your information in data tables. It also comes with a lot of storage space so that your data is always maintained safely here.
  1. Reporting and debugging
    Maintaining data is only one part of the process. How you use your data is another essential component here. Deriving insights from the information helps your business grow. Apart from that, you can also trace data going in and out of your system, automate the error handling process and the likes.
  1. Secure hosting
    With Flowize, you get the advantage of private cloud hosting at your preferred location. In effect, you get a secure hosting platform where your data stays safe and secure.
  1. Projects
    Working on multiple projects now is quite the breeze, all thanks to Flowize’s project management services. They promote team collaboration, workflow versioning, and backups for efficient management.
  1. Managed services
    What happens when you have a brilliant idea of developing a project but do not have the time to do so? Flowize comes to your rescue here with their managed services. You can get all the help required to build your project easily.


Wrapping Up

There is so much you can do with the help of data and automation techniques. It paves the way for smarter communication and data-driven decision-making skills and eventually automate your data. So, book your free demo with Flowize today to save your time, have a personalized customer experience, and better communication.

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