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The Flowize system effortlessly combines workflows with communication to make your processes more effective and efficient. It combines with automation to save time and increase productivity.

We are problem solvers and our flexible system can be tailored to fit your company’s needs perfectly, remove blockages and improve customer service.

  • Connect to any API
  • Create business rules based on data
  • Auto-restart flows with Webhooks
  • Schedule flow restarts

Take more time on building the core of your project!

Content Builder

Craft the right message in minutes without ever leaving Flowize. Customize your messages that are desktop ready and optimized for mobile—all generated and sent automatically within existing workflows.

Flowize Marketplace

  • Communication providers
  • CRM systems
  • Data providers
  • Social Media
  • Finance systems

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>30 Tools

Developer Tools

The extended developer tool-box lets you easily decode or encode different formats, make calculations, convert code to other output formats, generate reports or connect to default protocals.

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>75 Apps

Pre-configured API's

Simply drag and drop new applications from the growing marketplace into your existing workflows to stay current with the latest apps.

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Restart with Webhooks

What is a Webhook?

A Webhook is an HTTP POST that occurs at a set event in an application or a website. For example, your e-mail provider uses a Webhook to report back the status of your e-mail.

That means if your e-mail is BOUNCED, the flow will restart then send a text message or a printed letter to your customer so they get the message they need.

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Flowize receives HTTP POST with different values, and only starts a flow if a listner is activated with a matching unique ID and value.


flow restarts