Billing & Invoicing

Whether you work within a finance department, or are a small business juggling other work with finance duties, issuing invoices and chasing payment can be tough and time consuming. But what if we told you it didn’t have to be?

Invoice via all channels

  • Secure E-mail
  • Text Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Webportals
  • IVR (Automated phone calls)
  • Postal (Print & Mail)

What is Flowize?

Flowize allows you to harness the power of your data to communicate smarter and better with your customers. This system effortlessly combines workflows with communication for more effective and efficient processes, with automation to save time and increase productivity. This improved communication can increase profits and improve customer service leading to better customer retention.

We make it easy to send invoices and reminders to clients in the way they find easiest and personalize this communication to be highly effective. You can automate the process of sending the invoices and chasing payments after a set time period, as well as escalating the issue to management or debt recovery if payment is not forthcoming. These efficient processes reduce workload for your team and encourage prompt payment, improving cashflow.

Big Data

Use Big Data to create customer payment profiles and gather information from external sources to understand your customers and how they respond. By understanding them better, you can make it easier for them to pay, offer payment plans and solutions to stop problems developing, as well as encouraging repeat purchase.


Time your communication perfectly, so that each customer receives your message at the right time for them to take action. With Flowize it’s easy to review when and how they communicate with you and follow their lead.


Interact with customers to improve their experience and cut down on work for your team. Automate the answering of standard questions, or open the channels of communication to find out why payment hasn’t been made. Through automation, emotions are removed and customer relations improve. This communication is also more effective, as it is timely and personalised.

I want to automate my billing & invoice process now!

Billing use-case

The billing system sends data to Flowize, in response the flow generates a unique payment page, an HTML and PDF invoice and sends those to the client via E-mail.

If after 4 hours the e-mail bounces, the flow automatically restarts, checks if there is a mobile phone number available, generates a unique personalized page where the customer can fill in his correct e-mail address and sends the URL via a Text Message to the Mobile number.

If the customer fills in an e-mail address within 1 day, the invoice will be directly sent to the new e-mail address.

If not, the PDF will be send to a Print Provider, which sends the invoice by post.