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Reseller partners work with customers to drive innovation, respond to change and revolutionize their customer experience by marketing, selling and deploying powerful business solutions built on the Flowize platform. Flowize is committed to supporting and accelerating partner transformation to service today’s technology buyers.

Partner with Flowize, and get access to our reseller platform. Here you can order discounted licenses and obtain marketing materials. With these materials, you can market Flowize to your audience of choice, and enjoy the amazing conversion rates and consumer-response success that are identified with our products.

Flowize works with business consultants and developers. We help them access new markets and beat the competition. Take advantage of competitive reseller pricing models to maximize your ROI and scale up your sales and profits.


Partner benefits:

  • Joint sales with outstanding margins
  • Free marketing and sales materials to build your pipeline
  • Featured as a preferred partner with your logo on our site
  • License kickback
  • 24/7 technical support for you and your customers

Features of Flowize

  • Extremely flexible and versatile: integrates with every CRM, database, legacy and homegrown systems included 
  • Automatic creation of personalized, engaging and profitable customer experiences through all available offline and online channels
  • Easy and visual automated communications management with workflows and dashboards
  • Quickly implement new integrations and improve time to market for further processes.
  • A global SaaS-based platform: no installation required and quick deployment
  • Versatile and flexible with data visualization and real-time analytics, and quick upgrades and team members added when needed.

When is Flowize right for me?

Flowize is for companies with a large customer base. If you are a business consultant specializing in process optimization, risk and credit management, marketing, communications, or customer experience management? Then Flowize is right for you. Join us!

We also partner with developers who design their software solutions based on the Flowize platform.

Why partner with Flowize?

  • Quality product and a trusted and stable organization you can count on
  • Flowize is a proven solution to common issues in the market
  • Flowize is an excellent way to automate difficult and cumbersome processes and to save time and costs
  • Flowize in action is easy to sell: ‘Seeing is selling’
  • Flowize enables your clients to be innovative and position themselves as front runners and leaders
  • Flowize has a proven portfolio of satisfied clients

How it works

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Application is easy. Just fill in the form below. Signing up is free. Please include all mandatory details so your application is approved quickly. Once verified, you will be sent a login URL to our reseller platform, in which you can order discounted licenses and obtain marketing materials.

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