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By creating personalized Guest Journeys to interact with your guest you will improve your guest experience, improve your social media reviews and have more opportunities to upsell.

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Ultimate Post-During-After Stay Journey

Flowize makes guests feel special and allows you to respond to their needs by harnessing the power of data. Happy customers are loyal customers, they leave great TripAdvisor reviews and become your hotel ambassadors. We've helped hotels around the world to improve their service, increase revenue, decrease cancellations and enable online check in/out and we can help you too.

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Connect Flowize to your PMS to make to most out of it! Flowize is able to integrate with any PMS to read and update your data. Once connected to Flowize you can build any Guest Journey and connect any service out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We want happy customers, but we don’t have enough staff to improve! can Flowize help?
No problem. With the FloWize system you don’t need to employ more staff to improve guest experience, our technology saves you time and makes your operation more efficient while improving your guest experience.

It will also remove pressure from reception by allowing online check-in and checkout and enabling the guests to make table reservations or book taxis from their own personalized, interactive WebApp.

FloWize improves productivity and automates processes to ensure all customers receive excellent communication and customer service. Guests love being in control, they have everything at their fingertips and it reduces your workload too.
We want to improve our reviews, can Flowize help?
Yes! Not only does Flowize give you more happy customers, as we explained above, we can also set a flow to follow up with guests and encourage them to write a review. This can be set for right after their reservation at your spa or restaurant, or after checkout. Reminding guests encourages positive reviews and can make a big difference in the percentage leaving reviews. Plus, the level of personalised service and communication that you were able to give them, should turn guests into hotel ambassadors.
How can we get guests to spend more money at the hotel?
You can increase the success of your spa and restaurants with Flowize too! Our sytem offers multiple upsell opportunities which are tailored to each indivual customer, so they are delighted to receive them. For example, if rain is forecast during a guests’ stay, we can send a message to recommend a pampering day at the spa, or the menu for best place to eat on a cold evening.

The hotels who are already using this system have seen a significant increase in spend per guest, which has made a huge difference to their profitablility. All the hotels who use the system have improved their upsell rates. Upsell went up by between 25% and 50% and opened up a huge numbers of revenue generating opportunities.
Can this help us to reduce cancellations?
We know that cancellations are a big problem, tying up rooms and not generating income. Flowize has been shown to help. By analysing their data one of our users noticed that 30% of corporate bookings which were made more than 30 days in advance were cancelled and they looked to FloWize for a solution. We added another flow to upsell something ahead of the booking, such as a great deal on a restaurant, spa or golf course. By engaging them through a simple offer, cancellations dropped by 10% and these business travellers spent more at the hotel during their stay.