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Flowize’s interoperability makes it exceptionally versatile and flexible. It allows you to integrate all your current databases and legacy, in-house solutions, and resources. Automating cumbersome and time-consuming operations becomes easy, saves time, and improves productivity. Flowize is independent and empowers you to store your data according to your preferences while staying in full control of your data.

The low code approach of Flowize enables your business to experiment with new processes, test their success, and reduce their time to market considerably. It empowers you to optimize the design, management, and delivery of physical, digital, and online communications, such as invoices, letters, web forms, and advertisements across all modern channels.


Flowize integrations

Any integration is possible: Flowize’s interoperability connects your legacy systems and your new systems, data from partners, or any other available (big) data source from any database possible. Furthermore, you will always be in full control of your data.

  • Webservices
    • JSON
    • REST
    • SOAP
    • XML
    • RAW
  • sFTP
  • Incoming e-mails
  • ODBC Databases
  • SQL
  • No data converter needed
  • (Batch) datafiles


Manual processes are costly, high risk (because of human errors), and are not equipped to serve your customer promptly. Automation makes cumbersome and time-consuming operations easy. Save time and improve productivity. With automation, you're in control of your processes.

  • Realtime processing
  • Webhooks listeners
  • Scheduled processing
  • Action based events
  • Manual interference


Flowize content

Your customers want to be in control when and how you communicate with them. And they use a plethora of channels and media to do so. Create engaging experiences by sending precisely targeted and personalized content.

  • Personalized content
  • Rule based creation
  • E-mail design
  • Websites (included with hosting)
  • Portals
  • Chatsbots
  • PDF
  • Social media


Flowize datacapture

The more data you store, the more insights you gain. Flowize lets you store and combine customer preferences-data, history/archive, additional customer data, etc.

  • Store any form of data in Flowize databases
  • Data Tables
  • Keystores
  • Big Data storage
  • Additional data storage

Reporting & Debugging

Flowize reporting and debugging

When coding yourself, you code the process, not the insights, error handling, and auto-retries.

  • Full insight in processing
  • Automatic Error handling
  • Auto re-try
  • Track & Trace of all incoming and outgoing data
  • Supplier preformance reports

Secure hosting anywhere

Flowize secure hosting

Flowize provides secure Private Cloud Hosting on a location of your choosing and release management according to the accepted DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) approach.

  • DTAP method
  • Release management
  • Versioning
  • Multiple production releases per region


Flowize projects

Flowize makes it easy for your teams to design and implement flows. Work in multiple projects, versioning, and cloning projects.

  • Cloning
  • Versioning
  • Backup
  • Team collaboration

Managed Service

If you have an idea, but no time to build it yourselves, Flowize can offer assistance. Use our Managed Service team to get you up and running quickly.

  • We help you build your projects

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