Facebook ChatBot

Seamlessly integrate Facebook Messenger with your CRM, solutions and output channels.

How it works?

A customer connects by opting in to your Facebook Messenger, there are various ways to do this. Once the customer is connected you'll receive their Facebook ID. The first step in the flow is to gather information through the Facebook-plugin, after that instantly you can send a Welcome-Message, with Quick Reply options for the user.

The Webhook-listeners will be activated and will restart the flow once the user answers to your Welcome-Message. Once the response comes in you will let the customer know you are Typing a response, but before the Respons-Message will be send, we'll check the current weather and include this in the Response-Message.

After that we'll check if the user Reads the message, will he not read it within 2 hours an Text-Message will be send with a Reminder. When the user Reads the message but doesn't respond within an hour, we'll send a Reminder-Message through Facebook Messenger.

When the user respond, a Ticket-Message with an integrated QR-code will be send to the user, after that the internal CRM-system will be updated with the latest information of the user and conversation.