E-mail & Print

Start digitizing your communication with e-mail in combination with Print.

How it works?

The flow Starts when data comes in. The Decision will check if the field e-mail is not empty. If there is no e-mail address there will be a PDF-file created and will be sent to a Printing Provider.

If there is an e-mailaddress available, the HTML e-mail will be generated within the E-mail object using the Flowize Content Editor. The e-mail will be send to the e-mail provider, this provider will take care of sending the e-mail.

By giving the e-mail provider and Webhook URL to send the realtime status of the e-mail, we'll be able to restart the flow once the Bounce-status comes in. If this happens the PDF-file will be created and send to the Printing Provider. If this doesn't happen within 8 hours, the process will ends and the Webhook Listeners will be de-activated.