“With Flowize we get the best of both worlds. It optimizes our platform and offers connections with partners that our customers can benefit from.”

Marieke Saeij, CEO Visma – Onguard

Omnichannel personalized communication

As a market leader in order-to-cash solutions, Visma – Onguard provides an integrated platform of intelligent software solutions, from risk and credit management to collections and bailiffs. With Flowize, Onguard can now use precisely the right channel to reach customers quickly when payment is due. This contributes to prompt payment and higher customer satisfaction.

In order-to-cash, first-class customer experience is critical. How companies treat their customers across the entire process can determine if customers stay or go elsewhere.
For Onguard, customer satisfaction and customer friendliness play a defining role. Flowize’s functionality helps Visma – Onguard ensure finance and collections teams to support customer satisfaction objectives on every customer touchpoint.



  • Need to build specific API’s for every new software partner
  • Single tenant architectuur
  • Limited communication options
  • Limited ability to analyze big data

Flowize’s ability to analyze big data enables Visma -Onguard to learn the behavior and preferences of each customer so that the communication can be optimized continually. Some customers respond faster to a text message than to an email or vice versa. Flowize detects this automatically, and Visma – Onguard’s platform can now propose the best approach for each customer.



  • Generic API capability out of the box
  • Quickly and easily customize and standardize integrations
  • Extensive options for customer segmentation and personalization
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

About Visma – Onguard

Onguard is a market leader in innovative order-to-cash solutions serving 750 clients worldwide, and 6,000 daily users in more than 50 countries. The company provides faster payments and an optimal customer experience resulting in steady working capital with their efficient order-to-cash software solutions. This personal touch results in Onguard clients maintaining long-term, stable relationships with their end customers.

Fast facts

  • 750 customers
  • 6,000 daily users
  • 6 million invoices per year

The challenge

Visma – Onguard was looking for platforms that offered generic API capability to extend its existing platform. Marieke Saeij, CEO at Onguard: “With Flowize’s no-code platform, we can customize and standardize integrations quickly and easily. That’s two birds with one stone: we can now integrate different components and fulfill specific customer wishes.”

The approach

Visma – Onguard likes to focus on what they are good at and believes in a best-of-breed approach. Flowize provided the opportunity to look for the best solution on the market. “When looking for the best provider of platforms that offered generic API capability we immediately were impressed by the solution and expertise of Flowize,” says Saeij. “Flowize optimizes our platform and offers connections with outside partners that our customers can benefit from.”


The flexibility in communication and channel choice also means that we approach the end customer the way that suits them best — helping Visma – Onguard grow sustainable business relationships.

“When customers describe their problem, I immediately start to think about how I can use workflows to solve their issue,” says Luc Geniar, Team Lead Development at Visma – Onguard. “With Flowize, the sky is the limit, without even having to modify our application. Maximum flexibility at minimum effort is the power you get with Flowize.”


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