“By digitizing our debt collection process, our credit management became faster, cheaper and more customer friendly.”

Marcel de Jong, Manager Client Solutions at Accountor

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Digitizing debt collection

As the largest financial and HR services company in Northern Europe, Accountor offers debt collection as one of their services. Flowize took their communication process to a more intelligent level, resulting in first-time-right messaging, lower DSO, and more satisfied customers.

Debt collection requires the utmost care and accuracy in communication. Using Flowize as an omnichannel communication platform enables Accountor to monitor all touchpoints with the debtors and send personalized messages accordingly.



  • Expensive and slow debt collection process, prone to failures
  • No extended financial knowledge of debtors
  • Communication limited to sending invoices and reminders by post
  • No client-centered credit management process, resulting in low customer satisfaction

The excellent integration with existing information systems and the automated workflows of Flowize save hours per day in painstaking research. At the same time, the output is faster, customer-friendly, and automatically directed to the most suitable channel for each customer.



  • Digitization and automation saves time and money and is accurate
  • Combining sources of information prevents payment problems before they arise
  • Efficient & customer friendly communication
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

About Accountor

With over 100 offices, 2,300 employees and 150,000 clients, Accountor is the largest financial and HR services company in Northern Europe. The company is known for its continuous reinvention of financial services. They invest heavily in new digital services, to ensure the realization of three key promises to the market: active and clear communication, on-time first-time-right delivery, and expertise close at hand. Flowize supports all of these three by design.

Fast facts

  • 7 countries
  • 100+ offices in Northern Europe
  • 2,300+ professionals
  • 150,000 clients

The challenge

Marcel de Jong, Manager Client Solutions at Accountor: “Offering financial services at our scale is made possible by digitizing our services as much as possible. We aimed to take the debt collection communication process to a higher, more intelligent level. That required unlocking data in all kinds of separate information systems. The challenge was to do this without involving the already overloaded IT-department, within the desired timeframe and without high costs, while keeping control.”

The approach

The main goal was efficient omnichannel communication, based on real-time debtor data such as bank accounts, payment amounts, sent messages and more. Marcel de Jonge: “Flowize automatically applies the most suitable channel based on the user’s history. So if e-mail, WhatsApp, or other channels don’t work, a printed letter and invoice will be sent. This amounts to huge cost savings.”

“With Flowize, we could control the implementation from the business, without our IT. We first built a proof of concept in a secure development environment, so that we remain in full control of our data. After thorough testing and optimization, Flowize successfully went live at Accountor.”


  • Efficient & customer friendly communication
  • 10 hours saved per week
  • 20% less printing costs
  • Direct control without restraints of IT department
  • Data safety, secure process management
  • Compliant to highest standards


The use of Flowize had led to great advantages for effective credit management. The real-time data interchange with databases and portals ensures speed and accuracy. The omnichannel communication enables customer-centric communication: debtors receive messages relevant to their situation, sent through the media that work the best for them.

Marcel de Jong: “Our job is to reduce the DSO for our clients in a customer-friendly way. This means preventing escalation. Flowize links to all our invoicing and payment systems. We now can approach debtors with service-oriented messages, based on accurate information, instead of blunt reminders. We can trace possible issues and adress them before they become a problem. This is a win-win for us, our clients, and, most importantly, for the debtors.”

Looking forward

As far as Marcel is concerned, there is much more potential: “As soon as we extend Flowize to all our debt collections, we expect to spend 70% less on print and postage costs. We have a great number of workflows that help us to stay on top of things, but Flowize offers even more possibilities. For instance, to link the timing of messages to the monthly salary payments. Flowize not only helps us to stick to our promise, but it also makes it possible to do that with less effort.”

Reduce DSO and improve customer experience by automating your credit management process

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