Make payment an opportunity for your customer’s goals, not an obstacle.

Credit and risk management

How can you build an efficient credit process that ensures prompt payment and excellent customer experience? This is where Flowize comes in.

With Flowize you can harness the power of data and automation to communicate smarter and better. Integrate all your systems and databases to gain greater insight into your customer behavior, preferences, and financial credibility. Create workflows for credit checks and automated invoice management.

Using Flowize, you can communicate the way each clients wants and improve customer experience. Make it easier for them to pay, lower your financial risks and DSO. Moreover, offer personalized plans and solutions, prevent problems with payments and encourage repeat purchases.

The benefits of Flowize:

  • time-saving and increased productivity through automated invoice processing
  • lowered risks and improved cash flow
  • improved communication and customer satisfaction
  • cost reduction through enhanced lifespans of legacy and homegrown systems

Credit and risk management: experience is everything

With risk management you know if your customers are able to pay before they make a purchase. Credit management serves to prevent late or non-payment. Getting both right reinforces the company’s financial position, making it a critical component in any business.

Risk and credit management is more than checking the financial situation and getting customers to pay. It involves knowing and detecting possible issues for non-payment before they arise. This is a sensitive subject and requires timely and considerate communication.

With Flowize you can:

  • integrate all sources of behavioral and financial information of your customers
  • automate risk assessment and payment processing to reduce manual invoicing
  • design personalized workflows for automated invoice management
  • timely inform customers through automated reminders
  • anticipate and pro-actively act on future circumstances

Reduce DSO and improve customer experience by automating your credit management process

Reducing days sales outstanding in a customer friendly way is essential for business continuity, but requires utmost accuracy in customer communication. In this whitepaper we show you how automation can turn your credit management into a process that makes both ends meet.

Cover whitepaper Credit and risk management

Flawless Credit and Risk management with Flowize


Use data from all sources to understand your customer and create automated payment profiles. Flowize seamlessly integrates all your current systems, legacy systems, in-house solutions, and databases. Therefore you can keep your trusted processes and operations going. Be in control and keep your data where you prefer.


Because Flowize knows your customers’ preferred channel and the best moment for sending invoices, you can design workflows that ensure each customer receives messages at the right time for them to take action. Automate your replies when payment stalls or is late. Open other channels of communication to determine why the payment is overdue. Flowize can even suggest other payment options.

Exceed customer expectations

With Flowize you can interact with your customers the way they want. Create individual experiences and enhance customer payment journeys intelligently. Optimize the design, management, and automated delivery of physical, digital, and online communications through all channels, including secure email, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, web portals, IVR (automated phone calls) and/or by post (print and bulk mail).

Marcel de Jong Accountor

Marcel de Jong

Manager Client Solutions | Manager Operations, Services and IT at Accountor

“Flowize plays a key role in the exponential growth we have achieved. Since using this technology, we can easily accommodate our growth without having to hire more staff.”

Why choose Flowize?

  • Seamlessly integrate all your systems and databases: external and internal, homegrown and legacy
  • Business is in control: design automated workflows without code or IT department
  • Keep your trusted systems and processes and stay in full control over your data
  • Be in control of your messaging: don’t just deliver messages but create targeted and useful interactions
  • Flowize is independent and empowers you to store your data according to your preferences

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Powerful features

Extremely flexible and robust: integrates with every database

Compliant with the highest quality standards in IT and FinTech

Fast implementation: shorten time to market for new processes

Customer-centric: use big data to understand your customers

Design workflows for a personalized customer experience

Save time and increase productivity without your IT department

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