What dating has to teach you about marketing communication

The basis of any great relationship starts with communication. A phone call, a personalized email and even an emoji filled text message all go into creating a more efficient customer journey to drive new prospects to your business and keep showing your current customers that you care.

And to effectively communicate with your customers you have to meet them on the right channel. Each target market is different and the landscape of new apps steadily changes the ways in which people talk to one another.

If you’re not up-to-date on the change you can miss your chance to create a lasting connection. To best illustrate the point, let’s first talk about dating.

A Missed Opportunity

Imagine you just met someone new. They’re wonderful. They’re perfect. You hit it off well and you want to see where the relationship can go. You have their number and now you’re ready to set up the all important first date.

You decide to give them a call. You think hard what you’re going to say. You take a deep breathe and then with a sweating brow you call.

The phone rings and rings and rings until you realize they’re not going to answer. You leave a voice mail and wait for them to call you back.

A few hours pass with no response. “Maybe they’re busy”, you say.

They still haven’t answered you the next day. “Maybe I should call them again”, but you decide against it because you don’t want to seem desperate.

Then after a few days you move on, “Maybe they weren’t interested”.

The next time you’re out you see them it person your face turns red while you stammer and say “Hey, I tried to call you last week.”.

They tell you they’re not much of a phone person, “I’m more of a texter”. And while you were patiently waiting to hear their response, they got back together with their ex.

Opportunity lost. And that pain you’re feeling— it’s real.

The same happens with your marketing

You find a new potential customer. You start them along your customer journey and begin to develop what you hope will bloom into a fruitful relationship.

Then you never hear from them again.

You realize they moved on. They’re not text message people. Or email people. They found a new app and they live on it. They check it in the morning when they wake up. The have their face glued to it while they’re on the train, on the bus, in a queue.

You could be there. But you’re not.

You, as a smart marketer, decide to add it as a part of your overall strategy. You say to your boss “We’re missing out”. You get the approval and you know it’s going to be great.

Then you hit an unexpected roadblock: the IT department. They have no idea what app you’re talking about. They’re good people, though. They give it a try along with some estimates on when everything will be up and running.

A few weeks go by. Then a few months. You basically have given up on the project when a year passes. And that app integration finally gets finished. Time to celebrate…

…Except nobody uses that app anymore. Your customers have moved on to something new and the whole process starts over again. What do you do?

You devised the plan. You were ready to execute. But the timing was off and the IT department was busy (probably more than you will ever know).

Stay current with the latest apps

With MyMultichannel, the IT department only has to connect your CRM, billing or other data system and you can start communicating with your customers on the latest channels.

All the newest and popular services are in the Open MarketPlace, including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Telegram, and of course all kinds of e-mail, text, voice and print providers.

And if it’s not in the MarketPlace, you can easily connect your own API.

Sounds like a happy ending to your love story. But we still have another problem to deal with…

What about customer data?

Let’s rewind the dating story from the beginning. You find out their a text person and you send finally send them a message.

You start a conversation but you can only remember their name. That’s it.

You forget their favorite color. What food they like and whether they’re a cat or a dog person.

How are you expected to build a relationship with someone without remembering the key details about them?

Keeping track of the details

As you continue to develop a relationship with your customer you need to stay on top of the details they provide you like their financial status, specific contact information or their interests. The number of data points you can keep on file are endless and the number of data-enrichment services continues to grow.

Thankfully there are plenty of services that help you keep track of all your customer information. And just like the latest communication channels, you can easily stay up-to-date with the newest data enrichment services, like FullContact and Credit Safe

Always stay in Touch

Marketing communication is all about getting the details right to take new prospects down your customer journey and build a long relation. But you have to meet them where they hang out the most. Get started with MyMultichannel to always stay connected with your with your target market even as the latest apps continue to change.