About Flowize

Flowize allows you to harness the power of your data to communicate smarter and better with your customers. This system effortlessly combines workflows with communication for more effective and efficient processes, with automation to save time and increase productivity. This improved communication can increase profits and improve customer service leading to better customer retention.


As a platform for creating automated workflows, the story of Flowize started in 1996. At that time, the AddComm Group was printing data-driven personalized mailings for large companies in the Netherlands. The need for digitizing communication processes grew as customers demanded faster, more sophisticated, and faultless operations and support for the entire customer journey.

Especially when more communication channels came into use, we needed to create a complete system that could help any business to increase productivity and improve communications.

Finally, in 2015, we decided to create a platform that was the best solution on the market, with pricing that made it accessible for every company. Flowize was born. Companies have been benefiting from this flexible, problem-solving solution since 2016, and the results have been fantastic.

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Best of breed

We know from experience how communication works, especially for large scale companies. We created the Flowize platform as the gold standard for automated workflows with ease of use and scope of functionality that is best of breed. Schedule a demo and experience Flowize yourself.

We are used to creating solutions that work perfectly for demanding customers. Our dynamic, flexible, and friendly approach and expertise in handling transactional data have made us the provider of choice for many big banks, online shops, insurance companies, hotels, and printing companies.

Our team standing by 24/7

Flowize operates in the Netherlands, Norway, the United States, and Spain, with a large team of developers and multilingual support staff. Our team continuously develops the product, solve issues, and supports clients in setting up Flowize to fulfill their needs perfectly.

We speak English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German and Japanese and so can support you in your language. Due to the high quality of our product and outstanding support, we have clients in the US and Europe and are expanding into other parts of the world.